On Site Field Visits / Training

 OVAG provides many opportunities to help orangutan rescue centers improve their practice. It can be either from visits and training from OVAG committee members, or from OVAG's collaborators with specific interest.

Please contact us anytime for consultation and assistance in husbandry and veterinary practice in your orangutan / wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center. We can not guarantee the perfect solution all the time, but together we can improve and fix almost anything. 

Our experienced committee members and other senior professionals who are linked to OVAG can make a plan to visit your site and give the needed training/consultation. Rest assured that all consultation and trainings will be done in a ethical way and based on mutual respect. 

OVAG also provide links between potential funder and centers in need. Like OVAID, who's mission is to equip orangutan vets with both facilities and knowledge. Through OVAG network, SOCP got a bit of help from OVAID in training their vets. Full story can be read here